1. The website does not permit payment when booking is made.
  2. Booking confirmation is subject to track availability. (We will confirm your booking via email or phone)
  3. All fees are subject to 0% Goods and Service Tax.
  4. Upon booking confirmation, 50% deposit is required. Remainder of payment may be made 2 (two) days prior to your arrival OR cash on arrival.
  5. We have the right to deny you of the programme if you fail to meet the stipulated payment requirements.
  6. All confirmed bookings and payments are non-refundable.
  7. Date transfers are allowed with a minimum of 12 (twelve) days notice.
  8. Participants are required to sign an indemnity form prior to the course.
  9. Bookings are valid for 12months / 1 year ONLY from date of purchase.
  10. The customer acknowledges that in the event of unsuitable track conditions, weather, technical issues OR anything that is outside the company’s control, the company reserves the right to terminate the course/programme.
  11. The customer acknowledges that in the unlikely event a vehicle is unsuitable to maneuver due to damage or unforeseen circumstances, the company will not be liable for delayed or rescheduled courses. Every effort will be put in to ensure a back up vehicle be prepared or repairs be done as quickly as possible should the customer be deemed to continue.
  12. Sessions must be attended according to bookings that have been confirmed. 100% forfeit of entire experience will be made should the participant/customer not attend the bookings confirmed.
  13. The company reserves the right to withheld, refuse entry, request to leave the premises, restrain or remove the customer/parcipants should any of these terms be breached OR if the customer/participant is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, causing a disturbance or threatens the well being of surrounding people and property in any way.
  14. Safety briefings will be conducted and is compulsory to attend. Those who fail to attend will not be permitted on track until a safety briefing is conducted.
  15. Parental or Guardian consent is required for participants under the age of eighteen (18).
  16. The company reserves the right to amend or alter these terms and conditions whenever necessary at any time without notice.
  17. Should any damage be caused by participants on the vehicle, the customer will incur the cost. (Labor charges will not be included).

Important: There are maximum height and weight restrictions for each course.


Customer: person participating in one of the Company’s courses and / or person paying and / or booking a course on behalf of that person. This includes all guests, friends and relatives etc who are present on the day of the course.